Come out and audition for the DJs! No matter what your voice part, musical background, style, or experience, we want to hear YOU!


The DJs hold open auditions every Fall and most Winter semesters, in September and January, respectively. We are seeking all voice parts, including vocal percussionists and those willing to learn!


AcaRush 2015
AcaRush 2015

Auditions are short, simple, and low pressure. We will do a few brief vocal exercises to get an idea of your range, tonal memory, and sight-reading skills, and we only ask you to bring a verse and a chorus prepared to sing for us (you can do it from memory). The song can be any style or genre, just pick one that you think exhibits your best strengths.

To sign up for auditions, find us at Festifall and AcaRush, or email us at Walk-ins are welcome but should try to come early. We're looking forward to hearing you!